An innovative tool to support your cryptocurrency trading


The stock exchange does not see our shares and does not want to issue Trigger Price and Stop Losses. He cannot see your tolerance of differences. Doesn’t know NOTHING about your strategy!

Karios is an advanced system for effectively playing arbitrage on the most popular cryptocurrency pairs such as ETH, BTC and USDT. How it’s working?

Once launched, Karios looks for an opportunity to place an order to buy the set amount of ETH for USDT. If an ETH buy order is issued and executed, Karios will immediately issue an ETH buy order for BTC. If, on the other hand, the ETH buy order is not executed for the set time (e.g. because the required ETH price on the exchange is not reached), this order will be canceled and Karios will want to place another ETH buy order in its place. If the order to sell ETH for BTC is executed, you will be able to order the withdrawal of earned BTC for USDT in Karios or leave BTC in your wallet without replacing it.

Stop Loss Purchase hedge – works like a regular Stop Loss on the purchase price, but the price is saved in the database. Only when the current price on the stock exchange reaches this amount, the order is placed on the stock exchange. Important: if there is an increase and the current price on the stock exchange is higher than our set Trigger Price (i.e. the max price we want to reach now to activate SLK and SLE), Stop Loss Purchase protection is deactivated and from that moment only SLK and SLE.

Trailing Stop (SLK) – which follows a fixed value for the highest price on the stock exchange. It activates when the first Trigger Price set by us is reached. This price is recorded only in the Karios database, the exchange does not see and track this price.

Stop Loss Escape (SLE) – our unique and innovative idea on a global scale; it works similarly to SLK, i.e. it also follows the highest price on the stock exchange by a fixed value (and is / should be lower than SLK). It is at this value, when the current price on the stock exchange drops, a real Sell order is issued.

Karios is a Trailling Stop and Arbitration assistant integrated with the Poloniex and Binance exchanges

Earning cryptocurrency has never been so easy

Be sure of your decisions!

Karios was created for you – opponents of huge bots trading millions of dollars and often causing confusion on the cryptocurrency exchange. These bots are predictable, and in most cases they are responsible for the sudden drops in BTC values.

Karios is the answer and the only protection against bots. From now on, you can minimize the risk of losing funds thanks to advanced logarithms that improve the game using the arbitrage technique and Trailling Stop.

Karios will take care of the implementation of your decisions. Karios is your assistant, from now on, it will be pure pleasure to play cryptocurrencies.

Why is it worth having a Karios assistant?

Karios is the future of cryptocurrency trading!

Profit in what you want

You have the option to decide whether your assistant is to generate profit in BTC, USDT or in both cryptocurrencies

Playing by strategy

You do not have to manually search for cryptocurrency sale or purchase offers - Karios will do it for you and turn them into profit

Emotions in check

You can rest assured that Karios will never perform a buy or sell action under the influence of emotions - profit counts

Proven Cryptocurrencies

When you play with Karios you always trade the most popular and proven cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT


Thanks to arbitration between up to three pairs of cryptocurrencies, Karios finds offers faster and more efficiently and generates profits

Constant development

You have the opportunity to take an active part in the process of developing Karios, e.g. with additional exchanges or cryptocurrencies

Ease of use

You will find yourself in the navigation of the Karios without any problems - it only takes a few clicks to start the assistant.

Availability 24h/7

You can use Karios at any time, wherever you are - all you need is a computer or a phone and internet access

Professional support

You can count on us at any time - we will answer all your technical questions related to Karios. You also have a forum at your disposal!

We care about your safety!

How is Karios different from bots?

Join Karios in just 15 minutes!

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Monthly subscription

7 days for free
  • Arbitration game
  • Trailing Stop Loss
  • Double Trailing Stop Loss
  • No limit of TSL slots
  • Integration with Poloniex
  • Integration with Binance
  • Much more...

Annual subscription

7 days for free
  • Arbitration game
  • Trailing Stop Loss
  • Double Trailing Stop Loss
  • No limit of TSL slots
  • Integration with Poloniex
  • Integration with Binance
  • Much more...