Poloniex integration

Below we present detailed instructions on how to integrate the Karios system with the Poloniex exchange. To obtain the required codes (secret code and API key), follow the instructions below:

  1. We log in to the Karios account for the first time:

  2. After logging in we receive another form in which we set a new password and PIN. In the second part of the form, enter the keys that integrate Kariosa with the Poloniex exchange. To receive the keys, you must log into your account on the Poloniex exchange.

  3. After logging in to the Poloniex stock exchange, in the upper right corner click the SETTINGS tab


  4. Then on the top left click API Keys


  5. Then copy API Key and paste into Kariosa settings
  6. Then click on the secret Show tab
  7. Then enter the code from Google Authenticator

  8. Then we receive an email from Poloniex and click on the sent link
  9. Then copy the secret and paste into Kariosa settings
  10. We set a password
  11. We establish a pin

CONGRATULATIONS Ready – a Kariosa account has been created!

You can find how to install Google Authenticator in your account on Poloniex by clicking the link below: